Catalina & Sebatian

New Episodes: Monday to Friday at 18:20

Ambition, money,love,intrigue and deceit forge the life of catalina, a young woman struggling after a huge romantic disappointment. Forced by her parents to marry Sebastian, the son of powerful landholder, is the ideal solution to the economic problems of her ambitions family. Sebastian is deeply in love with Catalina, and decides to test her love after the wedding by impersonating the foreman of the estate. This only brings to light Catalina’s parents real interests, money. After being greatly disappointed, catalina’s parents forge her to get divorced as soon as possible.

Until my last breath

New Episodes: Monday to Friday at 19:10

Elisa is young architecture student who lives in a housing project with Maria, her mother and her two sisters. Sergio has always been close to her. Elisa and Maria have faced up everything, from poverty to nearly losing their house to hector Cervantes and his son Alejandro. Together, father and son intend to build an important business center and shopping mall right where the housing project is. Hector is the powerful owner of the country’s leading building company. Hector and his son, Alejandro meet Maria and Elisa. With time and its own pace, the love between each couple evolves, However Romina, a wicked international agent infiltrated in the company to lure Hector into selling it, but it is love that draws her to Alejandro. Romina is not one willing to fall into this mission.

Secreto de Amor

New Episode: Monday – Friday at 21:40

Maria Clara is a modern girl, hardworking and willing to confront the world on behalf of her small family. She is about to realize her dream of marrying her longtime boyfriend, Carlos Raúl Fonseca, a local mechanic. But only 20 days before the wedding, Carlos Raul loses his job and he asks Maria Clara to postpone the wedding so that he can go to Miami to find work. Carlos Raul travels to the USA in search of a better future. Maria Clara waits behind, heartbroken. When her mother dies suddenly of a heart attack, Maria Clara follows the advice of her aunt and decides to travel to Miami to find her boyfriend. The last thing she imagined was that he had found himself another woman: Barbara Serrano Zulbaran, a haughty but beautiful and wealthy woman, who had fallen immediately in love with Carlos Raul and promoted him to manage her chain of hotels. Carlos Raul somersaults from poverty into the high life in the blink of an eye. He is all set to marry Barbara, but then Maria Clara shows up.

Lahija Del Jadinero

New Episode: Monday- Friday at 20:00

When Amelia meets Luis Alejandro Montero she falls in love with him and a child is born from their romance, Luisa Fernanda.When Amelia gets pregnant, her father, believing that the baby she was expecting was the gardener's, gets rid of her and doesn't want anything to do with her.
Alejandro is an irresponsible man; when he becomes aware that Amelia was expecting a baby, he refuses to recognize him and immediately marries Carlos Eduardo's mother.
Luisa Fernanda has no idea who her father is and destiny has lead her to know the man who had given her life. She falls in love with the man who has had the privileges that have been deny to her.
Years pass by and when Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo meet, they fall in love. They do not know anything about what had happened in the past between their parents.

CAT’S cradle

Imagine a strong and tender hearted woman, a confused man and a villain capable of everything to get money. We have the perfect love triangle to a classic love story. «Cat's Cradle» tells the tale of a man that hits rock bottom and manages to bounce back through true love. Gustavo, once a poor, kindhearted youngster, is now a successful entrepreneur, but has turned cruel, arrogant and miserable. Alcino, his best friend and partner, decides to play a prank on Gustavo to help him rediscover the decent man he once was. Gustavo's wife, Veronica, a rich, selfish, and ambitious woman who has never loved her husband will manipulates the prank, by accusing of a crime after she realizes her plan to kill him has failed. While trying to pick up the pieces of his life, Gustavo meets Rose, a simple, hard-working woman who raises four kids by herself. Because of her good heart, she starts to help Gustavo and to put his life back together. Gradually, surprises, redemption and romance to produce a stirring story of love reborn.

Juana’s Miracle

New Episodes every Monday to Friday at 18:10

Juana's Miracle" is the story of a young girl named Juana, whose life will change drastically when she gets pregnant without having sexual intercourse, and Mauricio, a man obsessed of becoming a father at any cost. Both of them will have their lives attached to one another but without being separated by lies. This is a telenovela where the value of woman goes beyond her virginity ... Juana is afraid of love. The failures of her family have made her more distrusting and apprehensive when it comes to love. But one day she starts to feel physical changes within her body… When she visits the doctor, he tells her some astonishing news: Juana is ....

The Favorite

New Episodes: Monday to Friday at 21:40

Flora and Donatella were two friends bonded by their love of music, but whose passion for the same man separated them forever. Donatella was Marcelo’s wife; Flora, his lover and murderer — a crime which cost her freedom and the custody of her daughter Lara, born out of that relationship and raised by Donatella. Now, history repeats itself, only this time their quarrel is not only over the same man but for Lara’s love. Torn between two mothers, the girl doesn’t know that Flora’s dirty, scheming ambition is not to draw her closer, but to keep her away from her longtime rival – plus snatch the inheritance of her former lover. The theme of rivalry — Flora’s bitter jealousy of the prettier and more talented Donatella permeates this provocative story and makes vengeance a ruleless game.

Sparkling Girls

New Episodes: Monday to Friday at 19:05

Sparkling Girls tells the story of three young and lovely, hard-working housekeepers who rise to stardom overnight after an incidentally uploaded online video of their singing performance becomes an unexpected hit. Penha, Rosário, and Cida, all make an honest living...

Irrational Heart

New Episodes: Monday – Friday at 20:50

Irrational Heart revolves around unreasonable attitudes and the consequences generated that threaten to change the course of many lives. This action filled, thrilling telenovela follows the fierce relationship of brothers Pedro and Leo.

El Diablo

New Eposide: Monday - Friday at 22:10

Esperanza, est employée comme domestique par la riche famille Acero. Naïve et innocente, elle est éperdument amoureuse de Martin le fils aîné âgé de dix-sept ans, mais, ce dernier se joue d'elle et quand Esperanza lui annonce qu'elle est enceinte, il s'en remet à sa mère pour régler le problème. Sa mère ; Graciela Acero renvoie sur le champ Esperanza mais pire ; elle la conduit de force dans une clinique pour la faire avorter et demande à son chauffeur de rester avec elle jusqu'à ce que tout soit finit. Mais le chauffeur se laisse attendrir par les supplications d'Esperanza et la laisse s'enfuir sans avorter. Pour Graciela et son fils Martin, le problème Esperanza est définitivement réglé tandis que de son côté Esperanza se cache ; puis apprenant que Martin part étudier à New York, et croyant fermement en son amour ; surmonte d'incroyables difficultés pour aller dans cette ville le rejoindre.

Avenida Brasil

New Episode: Monday – Friday at 21:20

La petite Rita croit retrouver une vie de famille lorsque son père Genesio, un veuf aimé de tous, se remarie avec Carminha.Très vite, Rita comprendra que Carminha est en réalité une froide calculatrice dont le but est de dépouiller son père. Avant que Rita ait eu le temps de dévoiler sa belle-mère, son père meurt accidentellement renversé par le célèbre footballeur Tufao. Carminha, considérant Rita comme une entrave à la réalisation de ses ambitions, abandonne la petite sans remords, dans une décharge d’ordures et récupère l’héritage de Rita. C’est dans ce contexte, qu’elle connaitra son premier amour, Batata jusqu’à ce qu’une riche famille Argentine décide de l’adopter, de la renommer Nina et de l’emmener vivre avec eux en argentine. A la mort de ses parents adoptifs, dix ans plus tard, Nina revient au Brésil, bien décidée à se venger de Carminha, désormais l’épouse de Tufao et mère adoptive de Batata, son amour d’enfance.Jusqu’où ira-t-elle pour assouvir son désir de vengeance? Sera-t-elle prête à sacrifier son amour pour Jorghinho (Batata) ? Et vous, jusqu’où iriez-vous dans le but de vous venger ?


New Episode: Monday- Friday at 18:10

Jeune fille de condition modeste, Marina gagne courageusement sa vie en organisant des promenades en bateau dans la splendide baie d'Acapulco. Sa mère Rosa, lui a toujours caché l'identité de son père. Avec le décès soudain de cette dernière, la vie tranquille de Marina va soudain basculer.

Au Coeur Du Peche

New Episodes: Monday – Friday 19:30 & 20:00

Paco Lambertini, est l’héritier d’une riche famille. Il opte pour une vie simple, en rupture avec les pratiques douteuses de son père, Alfonso. Le seul lien qui unisse encore père et fils, est l’ambitieuse fiancée de Paco, Barbara, qui, issue d’une vieille famille ruinée, rêve de mettre la main sur sa fortune. Paco vit cette relation sans aucune passion jusqu’au jour où, il découvre l’amour dans les bras de Preta, jeune et jolie métisse de milieu modeste. Il décide alors de quitter Barbara, mais celle-ci, complotera de façon à faire croire à Paco que Preta n’en veut qu’à sa fortune. Blessé et déçu, Paco décide de tout quitter. Dans la banlieue de Rio, Edilasia élève seule ses cinq fils et garde un lourd secret ; elle eut jadis une liaison avec Alfonso Lambertini de laquelle naquirent des jumeaux, gémellité qu’elle avait cachée à Alfonso. A l’accouchement ; ce dernier prit Paco. Celle-ci s’enfuit ainsi emportant en secret Apolo. Le destin va réunir les frères jumeaux de façon tragique : Au cours d’une terrible tempête, l’hélicoptère de Paco s’écrase en pleine mer et est recueilli par le bateau duquel son frère jumeau Apolo vient de tomber ; Paco se retrouve ainsi par un incroyable tour du destin, propulsé dans la peau d’Apolo ; ce qui l’arrange bien, lui qui voulait fuir sa vie ...