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About Us

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Intelvision is a 100% Seychellois-owned company providing TV, internet and voice services to the local market.  We will be part of Seychelles’ success story by building a digital world for our residential and business customers to interoperate in. 

The future is Digital. We connect Family and Friends. We connect Business.

Our Vision.

Best Network; Best Service; Best Place to Work

Our Goal.

To deliver a digital world in which we can all live, learn, work and play.

Our Team is the Difference.

We are a diverse team of skilled people who are committed to our customers and to Seychelles.


Our Services



If you love TV, there is much to love with ours, with many channels offering different genres and languages catering to the diverse market of Seychelles. Our services include fibre-to-the-home for delivery of high quality content, with functions such as rewind live tv, video on demand and many channels in HD.


Browse, Stream, Download and Game. Intelvision is building the digital platforms that keep you connected. Use our high-speed fibre network and our Wi-Fi hotspots to access the internet; keeping you in contact with family, friends and business.


Reach out; our voice over IP Telephony for home and business is available at competitive prices and can be bundled with other offerings.


Contact Us

  contact email icone    support@intelvision.sc

  new phone icon     +248 4414243 

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Contact Us

  contact email icone    support@intelvision.sc

  new phone icon     +248 4414243