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There are three (3) customer service showrooms, one in Victoria, one in Providence, and one in Grande Anse, Praslin . Our call-centre is open from 6am to 11pm every day to solve your issues, and in cases where the problem cannot be resolved by the call-centre agent, a technical team will be scheduled to assist you within 72 hours. Please ensure that you provide us with your account and contract number and the details of the problem you are facing so we can assist you better.

No, all hardware purchased by you belongs to you. We also run promotions from time-to-time, where you can swap your older equipment with newer ones. All drop-cables used during installation of any services remains the property of Intelvision

Yes, Intelvision provides a one year warranty period on Set-Top Boxes and Modems except in the event of physical damage, natural disaster, theft or fire.

No, Intelvision is not liable to refund for service interruptions. However, we do look at it on a case-by-case basis.
Yes, you will have to provide necessary documentation and visit our offices for the changes to be made.
We usually recommend the below steps: 1) Is my subscription up to date? 2) Is my equipment working correctly? Have I done a routine reset by turning the devices off and back on. In any case, our call-centre agents are available to assist you.

It's done for you! Once you subscribe for our services, a qualified installer will conduct the full installation for you and ensure that everything is running smoothly before leaving.

Yes, you can upgrade your package during the month. However, you cannot downgrade your package until the monthly subscription has ended.

You can visit any of our showrooms in Mahe or Praslin and the sales staff will be happy to assist you. All you need to do is sign up for a subscription and in no time you'll be sitting back and enjoying the amazing choices of entertainment we have to offer.

Intelvision sells High Definition Multi Media decoders with recording features.

The cost varies depending on the package you choose. For more information about prices and channels, please visit our website.

Don't worry! Your qualified installer will be happy to demonstrate how your equipment operates. You will also receive a User's Manual with your decoder or you can call our call-centre for assistance.

Yes you can! You will initially have to get written authorization from the building owner and we could proceed from there.

No they will not be censored. However, prior warning is given about the program content should parental guidance be required.

No, you can’t. You should engage a qualified installer by calling Intelvision customer service to do the installation for you. Self-installation is not permitted.

No, our services are prepaid, and therefore a suspension is not possible.

On Special Events channels, we show special programs and sporting events that are not available on any other channels. These are shown for a limited time period only and are advertised on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and also on the Intelvision Information TV channel.

We usually recommend the below steps:
1) Is my equipment working correctly? Have I done a routine reset by turning the devices off and back on.
2) Have I run a speedtest at www.speedtest.net or www.testmy.net
3) How do the speed test results compare to the advertised speeds of my internet package?

In any case, our call-centre agents are available to assist you.

When you subscribe, we will provide you with a wireless cable modem or ONT depending on the network available in your area.

Yes, you can play. However, updates and downloads of games may affect your usage quota. We advise you to choose the correct internet package for that.

You can avail of double-data when you subscribe for our Extravagance TV package and either Extreme or Extreme Plus Internet packages. You get twice the amount of data provided both TV and Internet subscriptions run on the same dates, and future period is not activated for Internet during the subscription period. 

You will not run out of data during your subscription period, however, you may be subject to our Fair Use Policy.

No, a voice connection is not required to get an internet connection.

We offer prepaid services, so the payment has to be made before starting the subscription.

It is a prepaid service on a monthly basis and cannot be suspended.

Go to http://icare.intelvision.sc and log in using your details provided when you subscribed to our services. Go to Account Summary and click on your Internet package link to see your internet usage. You can also change your ICARE password and other details there.

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